Illustrator & Graphic designer based in Paris.

Akiko Hirota / hira
Illustrator, graphic designer
Born in 1977.
Since I studied illustration at Toyo institute of art & design in Tokyo, my illustrations can be seen on products, signboards, in books, postcards and posters,etc.
They are lovely, colorful, stirring imagination and sometimes humorous.

After I moved in Beppu city in 2011, I was inspired by the people and things in there, so I started to create my original products which are named “Beppu pattern“and “Oita pattern“.
My products were sold at some select shops, speciality stores for souvenir in a hotel and Beppu station, and also some cafes.
In 2013, I joined in the residence program for artists by Beppu Project.
Since in 2016, I live in Paris, France.

Please feel free to contact me about commission works for illustrations and designs.
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1977年生まれ 埼玉県出身
2013年NPO法人BEPPU PROJECT運営「清島アパート」にて制作・活動。
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